Music, PR & Architectural Photographer Leeds

Hello I’m Olivia, a music, PR & architectural photographer based in Leeds.

I began my photography career in 2012 by assisting some of the best photographers in the business, as a lighting assistant on shoots at Rambert, to working with on-call PR photographers running across London.

Working in picture libraries at Getty Images and The Kennel Club, I realised the genuine importance of photography. Not just as a modern-day business tool, but as an historic record of life and culture. Photos have the power to instantly convey information about your work and your brand.

In every avenue of photography my aim is the same – to capture the emotion of a subject, the feeling of the moment, and for the viewer to experience this and be transported when looking at your photographs.

Working as an architectural photographer taught me how to incorporate more traditional forms of art into photography. Using the light and architectural lines to create impactful images. These ideas work themselves into music and PR photography whilst incorporating people and movement, sometimes in the extreme such as live shows.

Leeds is such a vibrant hub to work in. It has rich architectural history, a thriving music scene and so many forward-thinking businesses. As a photographer I like to work with people when planning shoots, so that the photographs are a reflection of you and your brand and more than just an extension of your marketing.

I love to get involved with new projects, so get in touch via the contact form and let’s chat!